The ever-changing retail industry often necessitates altering floor plans and/or major building renovations. At every level, our company has extensive demolition experience. With solutions we are a valuable resource for the demolition phase, particularly when time is a driving force. We have years of experience and ongoing activity with  municipalities, fire department, property management companies, we’re happy to serve all.

From Tear Down To Clean Up

PCI has experience with private, commercial and industrial demolition. By combining our hazardous materials and demolition teams we are able to provide efficient schedules and cost savings to our clients. Our company is equipped to safely and efficiently complete demolition projects from start to finish and strongly believe in diverting any recyclable material from the landfill.

Demolition has many components that generally makeup a project. Although every building and project is different, there is often a common checklist needed to (1) achieve safety for all workers; and (2) be environmentally sound.